The Allen Agency is proud of its diversity. Our team have an extensive cultural background. With respect and honesty, we learn together as we grow, embracing technology with a personal touch, always improving to offer you the best product and value, with clear communication handling all your questions with ease.


Hellen Allen - Principal

Hellen started the Allen Agency Insurance in 2009 and for many years she has been helping Connecticut and New York residents with their insurance needs. Prior to being a local insurance agent and since 2014 driver educator, Hellen served as Manager of Operations since 2006 to different insurance offices effectively overseeing the Personal and Commercial Lines, Claims and Costumer Relationship.

She joined the insurance industry as a trainee for customer service in 2000 shortly assuming a key leadership position in claims division.

Hellen has a bachelor’s degree in Communication: advertising, public relations and marketing from Sao Judas University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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